Website development

website development


Website development is where the creative interfaces we design are given the technical work to develop smart solutions.

Intelligent and effective solutions require a deep understanding of our clients, their customers and the goals they set for their business.

Web development covers system integration and ensuring UXD is delivered in a functional and meaningful way as interactive elements and requirements demand.

Content Management System


A Content Management System is a computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface.

With access to the code our developers are able to create cost effective solutions to ensure your site looks and functions in line with users’ expectations.

Our years of experience with different technologies enables us to deliver lasting solutions. We also hand craft systems to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity.

Front End Development


Xposure Media develops with a strong focus on accessibility, usability, and optimisation for search engine ranking.

The backbone of every website we develop is the usage of standards compliant code as laid out by the W3C guidelines.

We love what we do. This means by combining best-practice-driven techniques across all our projects combined with our passion for success, we are able to deliver high end functional interfaces that exceed expectations.

Backend Development


We work across a range of technologies to engineer your project success. Our objective is to develop the optimum solution that meets goals and expectations.

With a strong eye on stability and future proofing we customise and integrate this solution to boost your online performance.

Our work is continually tested throughout the various development phases to ensure that the systems we develop are stable and battle hardened.

Our experience varies from simple low-budget solutions through to developing advanced integrated platforms.

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